Thursday, April 15, 2010

Marta Jonville på Not Quite i sommar!

Never Stop Dancing for Utopias, Festival Use the City, Kosice, Slovakia 2009

Marta Jonville, en fransk performancekonstnär kommer till Not Quite på Bruket i Fengersfors under en månad i sommar. Hon kommer att arbeta i våra lokaler, hålla workshop och visa sitt arbete i en fotoutställning, allt detta under juli månad. Du som är intresserad av att delta i en workshop med performance är välkommen att höra av dig.

Marta Jonville, a French performance artist is coming to Not Quite, at the old Mill in Fengersfors, for one month this summer. She will work at our site, keep workshops and show her work in an exhibition, all of this in the  month of July. If you are interested in participating in a workshop with performance please contact us.

From :

"Marta Jonville never works alone; she seems to have a team' spirit. She will entrust to her guests responsibilities and leave them free to get over situations, to let itself exceed by them, by the events.
From these falsely improvised contextual plays and their documentation, the artist will re-create an endless fictions, using more usual art mediums. Her practices, involving psychology and social behaviors becomes strangely actual and delayed, a mundane game of re-constructions.
May we say Marta Jonville is a catalyst of a new type ?
Since a long time art is not only made by forms, but by its own process of production. So, bigger and bigger, and constantly evolutive, in permanent mutation, Marta’familly gives a new perspective to the daily gestures and reflexes of the artistic world."
Damien Airault, Independent Curator

 Denna aktivitet har möjliggjorts genom stöd från Västra Götalandsregionen.

inlägg av Karl Hallberg 

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